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Charlie Guy

Here is my birth story of my Son……

Rushing around trying to remember everything I needed for daughter, I shout through to her room ‘don’t get too many toys out honey’

It was Wed 22nd Sept and we were off to my brothers for the evening to celebrate his birthday. Hubby was working but I’d been looking forward to seeing all my family and enjoying a takeaway with my little princess. I was busy packing all her bed things and dinner things and trying to leave the house tidy, not that easy when your 39 weeks pregnant!

So I go into my daughters room to put on her shoes and she’s got out nearly every toy she has. Brilliant, so I start tidying up like a mad woman. I collect up an armful of toys and without even thinking about it drop into a full squat to reach a low down cupboard and…..

Splash! My water’s go!

Great! I waddle off to the loo to clean myself off and check it was my waters and not my bladder! :-/

It was definitely my waters, but no contractions yet. So I ring my mum and asked her to take my daughter with her to my brothers as baby was on the way. I carried on getting my daughters things ready and grabbed her ‘labour’ bag that we had packed together a few days earlier. She knew she was going to stay at Nana’s when the baby comes so we packed her a bag just like mummy’s.

A little while later my mum arrived to pick her up, I was gutted I was missing out on my brothers birthday celebrations but was exited that baby was on their way. I was starting to notice a dull aching feeling in my tummy now, in fact while talking to my mum I realised I should have noticed something sooner. Earlier that day me, my mum and my sister where doing our weekly shop and I was moaning all the way round that the trolley was heavy and my ‘bits’ ached. I remember really laughing about it in the frozen isle! If I’d of really thought about it I should of known something was happening.

So off goes my daughter with my mum and I ring my husband, He was working till 9:30pm and I told him not to hurry as no contractions yet but that I’d call again if they started. I decided to go and have a shower and try to relax to let things start. Whilst I was in the shower my husband arrived home, it was a lovely surprise as I though he was staying at work. We cooked some dinner and watched some TV, it was really surreal being together at home without our daughter. We joked and laughed together, all the time I was noticing low level tightenings in my lower stomach.

I decided to start helping the labour along and began walking around the room and rotating when I felt the tightenings. I was a little unsure about the labour as the tightening were so weak, but after timing them for an hour or so we realised the were coming every 4 minutes and lasting over a minute!! So we decided to call the hospital. They said I didn’t sound in labour but as the contractions were close and my waters had gone they wanted me to come in for a check up but said not to hurry.

So leisurely we got our bits together (forgetting to pack any food, which I came to regret later!) and headed to the car, this was probably about 9pm ish. The car journey was very different to first time round, I sat in the front seat quite comfortably and only experienced one very faint tightening the whole time. I kept saying to my husband that I felt like baby was coming but this didn’t feel like labour? Little did I know how right I was!

We arrived at the hospital at around just after 9pm I think. We went up to see the midwife and were taken to a lovely big room on the consultant led ward. I was on the consultant led ward as they were concerned baby was very large, which personally I thought was rubbish. The midwife that greeted us said the same thing, she took one look at my bump and said there’s not a huge baby in there, bless her. She let us settle in and then felt my my bump while I had a tightening. I could see she thought the same as me, that it wasn’t really labour. However she said as my waters had already gone and I’d had a quick labour (3 hours) with my first so I’d better stay in. She told me they were about to have a shift change so wouldn’t examine me so as not to be messed about by too many people. So we were left in the room to wait for our new midwife when the shift changed.

At about half 9ish, my new midwife came in the room to introduce herself. She was a lovely lady who had a student with, she asked if I minded being attended by the student, which I didn’t so the student examined me. I was less than 1 cm!!! My cervix was only just starting to soften!! I couldn’t believe it, I knew what I’d been feeling didn’t seem like the contractions I’d felt with my daughter but I didn’t think nothing was happening. I was lucky they decided to let me stay and me and hubby went about setting the room how we liked it, as I still had a very strong feeling baby was coming and the midwives seemed to trust this feeling.

The low levels tightenings continued and then at about 10pm I suddenly dropped to my hands and knees with a strong contraction, it had started!

“Here we go” said my husband as he massaged my back.

The contractions were very intense and there was no space in-between them, just one after another. I rotated in an all fours position while hubby pushed the base of my spine with his hands (a containment hold known as a crucifix hold) After a while the midwife said she thought she should examine me again to see how I was getting on. I climbed up onto the bed and laid on my back. As soon as she went to examine me a contraction started so I turned over onto all fours. I have a very strict rule in labour that I will not experience a single contraction whilst on my back.

Once I turned onto all fours there was no stopping me, the next contraction felt very different. “I need to push” I remember saying, it was only 10:30pm!!!!!

I heard things said like “are you sure”, “um hang on we need to check” but it was too late I knew what I need to do and I began to bear down. The student midwife was still in a state of shock I think as she looked and saw my sons head crowning.

After the next contraction the midwife told me not to push for a minute and I tried my best to breath through the contraction but I could feel the baby coming out, my body was pushing without my control. I remember hearing something about the cord and asking is it ok and the midwife said yes just carry on. One more contraction and he was born at 10:40pm!! I had gone from 1 to 10cm in 30 minutes and beared down in 10mins!! WOW!

He was born with the cord round his neck but I am blessed to have had a wonderful midwife who knew not to try and remove/cut his cord but to let him birth them somersault him afterwards to unwrap him. He was passed through my legs and into my arm. I snuggled into my beautiful little newborn. I sat down and offered him the breast, which he took immediately (typical boy!) Only then did I say “what have I got?” as I search down below, a boy!! My Charlie!!

I was ecstatic, my beautiful boy.  He weighed 7lb 9oz, although not a big baby like they had predicted, a good size for a week early and almost a whole lb heavier than his sister. I remember noting that his head circumference was exactly the same as his big sisters. I absolutely love this picture of him on the scales, although every time I look at it I just wanna pick him up and cuddle him as he looks so vulnerable.

After Charlie was born however, things did take a slight turn for the worst. I wanted to post all my birth stories as I believe sharing positive birth stories helps to normalise what is essentially a natural experience. However I am not going to leave out any ‘bad’ bits. I remember holding Charlie and the room starting to go black and white, my hearing became echoy and the sides of my vision started to disappear. I asked guy to hold Charlie for a bit and as soon as he turned to look at me he quickly took Charlie and hit the emergency button. He said that I had gone completely grey and I just passed out. The rest of this is told partly through my fuzzy memory as I was awake but not with it and partly through what I’ve been told.

The midwives came in and pulled back my covers to discover that I had bleed out after the delivery of my placenta. They examined me and decided to give me two shots of the Syntometrine they use to deliver the placenta. I heard them saying this would give me very strong cramps but I don’t remember feeling much. The injections didn’t work so they fitted an emergency catheter, which even though I was barely with it,  hurt! This worked to stem the bleeding and I slowly started to feel better. I stayed in the delivery suit for a while, I experienced terrible back ache and cramps from the double shot of Syntometrine, which I cannot say was pleasant  They also said that because Charlie was born so quickly they think he may have knocked my tail bone on the way through causing bruising. 

After a bath I was taken to the ward. Unfortunately this was a very bad time for me, one which I have very little memory of, I believe, due to the blood loss. I felt abandoned and confused, unable to remember my sons name. I decided during the night to call him Matthew for the time being (my husbands middle name). I was starving! and in the middle of the night there is no where to get food, I couldn’t sleep I just counted down the hours till breakfast. I said I’d regret not packing food! I was really pleased to see my husband and daughter the next day, and just wanted to go home. It took a good day or two to feel myself again. Although my pph (post partum haemourage) could have been a lot worse I still wish it had never happened.

I had an amazing birth experience and I still advocate normal natural birth. But am glad I was in a hospital when the bleed happened.

So our little family of three became a family of four. Piper loved her new baby brother and was delighted with the present he bought her, a little baby and nursery set for her dolls house. Welcome to the world Charlie Guy, born on your uncle Seb’s birthday!




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