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Dear Mum

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Today is my mum’s birthday. I won’t say how old she is, she wouldn’t thank me for it. I’ve been racking my brains trying to think of something really special for her birthday, I really wanted to spoil her this year, I’ll tell you why…..

My mum has been my rock. Things have been tough recently, really tough. I’m finding juggling 3 children, my business and my home really difficult. Things just keep getting on top of me and I feel like I have no one to turn too. With hubby working long hours, I find myself phoning my mum and she never doesn’t have time for me.


So I have decided to write a tribute and a Thank you to my mum….

Dear Mum,

Thank you. Thank you for the endless phone calls with me discussing the same problem over and over again. For listening to me when I’m being my own worst enemy. Thank you for understanding that I like to parent differently to my siblings and for not trying to change me. Thank you for the babysitting, allowing me to work. Without this we could not afford childcare. Thank you for lunch, every Wednesday and most Saturdays, we must add so much to your shopping bill each week. Thank you for the open house, the cup of tea, the numerous yummy things in your cupboard. Thank you for allowing me to feel like the child again whenever I step through your front door.

Thank you for the hard work. Thank you for the tree cutting, the shed building, the concrete laying, the kitchen scrubbing, the washing up  and all the other help you have given us over the past few years. You truly are selfless, helping us when we are in too deep or simply have no idea what we are doing.

Thank you for your acceptance. For the love and understanding you show Piper. Never once have you questioned her Autism, just tried to understand. You have adapted and learnt, allowing her to feel safe with you. Never once have you scorned her behaviour or judged our family. Family member’s like you are exactly what children like Piper need. You love her unconditionally and have taken time to learn and understand her condition, for that I am truly grateful.

Thank you for raising me, allowing me to have the amazing childhood I had. For making everyday summer and teaching me that being happy is worth for than money or wealth. For teaching me to cook, which I love to do. Thank you for teaching me to parent, gently and with understanding. I only hope I can be as good a mother to my children as you are to me.

Thank you xxxxx

Mum playing with Piper on holiday in Menorca.


Me, mum and my sister on my wedding day.


Me and mum on my hen do.



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Mama to 3 little monkeys and running my own business offering antenatal and postnatal services. Here are the random thoughts, strange theories and observations of life of a mama, business woman and loon!

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