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Day to Day 9th April

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Today has been a sensory day.

I don’t mean that we have been doing sensory activity’s, I mean that today Piper’s sensory difficulties have been predominant  Piper’s sensory awareness is probably, alongside communication, her biggest day to day hurdle. One of the sad things about going through diagnosis is you really have to look into what your child’s biggest problems are. I don’t really enjoy this, I prefer to discuss her strengths and often find myself almost defending her to myself when having to describe these difficulties. However one thing it does do is highlight ways you can help you child to overcome their challenges in life.

Anyway for Piper one of those challenges in her senses. Now I say today has been a sensory day. What I mean by this is Piper is showing me signs that her senses are causing her a problem. Now I still don’t know exactly what causes this, I’m not sure if its a heightening or a dulling of her sense’s, I’m not sure if its too much sound/light/touch or maybe too little. But I do know, or I have learnt, when these things are bothering her, let me explain…

Today Piper has not been able to control her volume of speech and sound, she has also been playing with her speech a lot today. Saying ‘funny’ words over and over, giggling a lot and making a lot of sounds. She has also had trouble listening to anything today. She has said “what?” to me a thousand times today and when I tell her that I’ve already repeated myself 3 times, she tells me she can’t hear me. (we’ve had her hearing checked by the way)

She has been running a lot, she likes to run. Back and fourth from one side of the room to the other. She was doing it just before I took her to bed for a bout 10 mins or so, then she just stopped and I took her to bed. Now I believe that this is what is often refereed to as stimming (if I’m wrong or have misunderstood, please correct me). Her doctor described it as a way of regulating herself. I often find the running, or ‘my running’ as she describes it, happens a lot more frequently on sensory days.

She has needed to touch, she has rubbed, licked and kissed a lot today. I sometimes find it all a little intrusive and annoying at times, then I remind myself of how I felt before she was able to do this. When she would not kiss, hug or touch me. When I almost felt like my little girl didn’t want to be near me. I know know different and am starting to understand. So I push that feeling of annoyance down and let her hug and lick, then I hug and lick back, then we smile 🙂

She has found it hard to stick to one task/game today too. Flitting from one thing to another but not really doing anything. The one thing we did do that held her attention was baking, she loves to bake. In fact she’s very good at it. We made biscuits  we had to rub the flour, squish the dough and roll it out. Lots of work with our hands, perfect for a day like today.

This evening once the little ones were in bed I went to do the washing up so set up a bowl of water for her too. She loved it. I was hoping it would help. The water got poured from containers, splashed about, dripped onto the floor and washed all around. She had a lot of fun, as you can see….



Also this evening Piper decided to do some photography. I love it when she does this. It’s like a little glimpse into her mind. She seems to like angles and capturing people in different ways. I still think this is all to do with her sensory day. She needed to hear things, touch things, say things, smell things and see things in as many different ways as she could… and I think we got part way there.

Tomorrow we are going to the zoo for the day. Piper is very excited, she will take her little camera with her to photograph the animals, she will read every sign, she will learn about every animal. She loves the zoo. I however am a little nervous, for those of you who haven’t read my blog before here’s what happened last time we went to the zoo!

Wish me luck. I leave you with some of her beautiful photography. See you tomorrow…..

Her point of view

    Her point of view


close up of the play mat, love the texture.

close up of the play mat, love the texture.

Me and Elena
Me and Elena

Playing with facial expressions

Playing with facial expressions

sticking out her tounge

sticking out her tounge



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