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Day to Day 3rd April

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Well its day 3 of Autism Awareness month and we spent a lovely day with the mother in law. I know, your thinking mother in law, good day, one sentence!! seriously!! I’m quite lucky, she’s lovely bless her. After all she’s an Autism parent too, she just didn’t know it.

We don’t know for sure as he’s not diagnosed but we’re pretty sure that hubby (Piper’s daddy) has Autism too, something we have come to believe as our journey with Piper has evolved along with our knowledge and understanding. Probably over this month I write about his interaction with the children and you may see what we mean.

Anyway we have had a lovely day today, all the kids got up well and we went of to a children’s soft play barn for the morning. I teach baby yoga classes and was working this morning at the barn, so mil was there to watch the children. Both the older two prefer to play alone and always play with the same things in the same way every time we go. I kinda like this, its comforting. I always know where they are, what they are doing and that they are happy. Familiar is good for them and for me.

Today I was really proud of Piper though as she had found another little girl to talk to. The little girl was clearly younger than Piper but nether the less, they were interacting. The interaction was sporadic, and often I noticed Piper was talking and the little girl was no longer near her. This is something Piper has always struggled with, she doesn’t seem to understand the correlation between proximity and communication. However this was one of those moments that I know all autism parents will understand. Those small battles. Maybe they made a friend, maybe they ate a carrot, maybe they said a word. For autism parents what most others see as normal everyday events can be massive milestones to be celebrated. This was one of those.

We returned home in the afternoon to watch Disney Cars. We currently watch this film AT LEAST twice a day. Once again familiar is good, Piper (and Charlie) like that they know whats going to happen, that they understand the story, that it is familiar. This seems to bring comfort, even if it does drive me a little potty at times.

Unfortunately though Piper did experience a few toileting accidents today. This often happens when we do a lot. I’m not sure if its distraction or over stimulation but she struggles with knowing when to go to the toilet so is often a bit late. I almost feel bad for writing about this as I understand this is a personal problem for her that she may not want shared with the world. I just hope that she understands why I’m telling you, so you can see the challenges she faces on a day to day basis.

Its 10:30pm and she’s just gone to sleep, tomorrow is a new day and I hope its another good day.

See you tomorrow……



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