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Day to day! 2nd April

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So those of you who saw my previous post will know I have decided to write a diary of our day to day activities and experiences as a family touched by Autism. I will be doing this everyday for the whole of April to honour Autism awareness month. The basic idea behind it; to give others an idea what Autism means to us, how it may different from what they presumed or even experienced. How Autism is as complex and individual as the people who have it.

So this is today……

We started the day as we normally do, in darkness. Well dim light anyway. For us throwing open the curtains to see the morning sunlight is a no no. For my daughter bright lights can be extremely overpowering, her eyes are very sensitive to light, so for at least the first hour of the day, the curtains stay shut.

In fact today was a little different as the kids slept in a bit so breakfast wasn’t done in the right order. Piper is used to getting up last, so is used to coming down stairs to find her brother and sister have already had their breakfast. Today Charlie, her brother, slept in too. Piper decided that she would not come downstairs until Charlie had eaten his breakfast, so that’s what she did, she just waited upstairs until he was done. There would have been no point at all trying to convince her otherwise, we have learnt this the hard way. Once she has a set rule/routine in her head you cannot change it or this can cause her whole world to come crashing down. So this morning we had a slow start.

The rest of the morning was pretty normal, they all watched TV, played with toys and Piper played on her DS. As I mentioned before, life can be pretty normal sometimes 🙂

After lunch we went to a mums group held at a local pub. It was the first time we had been so Piper was asking lots of questions. We had a good time. At one point I noticed Piper had stopped talking normally and had begun using her ‘baby voice’. This is usually a sign that something is starting to bother her. Maybe it was too bright, too noisy or too busy, I have no idea. But a found her a quiet corner and let her play her DS again.

After the group I needed to go to the supermarket, no this can often cause a problem, but today it didn’t! All three children were really well behaved, well apart from Charlie putting his baby sister in a head lock a couple of times while sitting in the trolly!

For dinner we had a roast, Piper had requested it while shopping. Now piper has an interesting relationship with food and I’m sure your going to hear a lot more about it. She wanted the Yorkshire puddings that come with it, they are one of the foods she will eat. My husband often giggles at the dinners I serve her as they look like nothing. On her plate she had 2 pieces of parsnip (she won’t eat these) a corn on the cob (she massaged this with butter for about 15 mins) and a very small piece of ham (this was not touched).

In the middle of the table we had a big plate of Yorkshire puddings, which the kids can take if they want them. Piper had two but decided today that they also needed massaging with butter, so didn’t actually eat anything. This worries me. As you will see from my posts as the days go on, she doesn’t eat a huge amount.

The day finished with some running, Piper likes to run from one end of a room to the other, or from door to door if there are two doors in the room. This can gone on for a very long time. I’m not entirely sure why she does this, we just accept that she does.

This to me is where the day ends, as once we approach about 7pm we see a new Piper. She doesn’t wind down as the day ends, she winds up! We call it her hyper time or manic time. In fact she’s still awake now (9:30pm), and probably will be for a while yet. She’s in her room, in the dark, looking at books and fiddling with toys. Once again something we’re not 100% why she does this, but she does.

So that’s our first day. Its been a good day. No meltdowns, no tears, a good day.

Was it what you thought?

I would love to hear what your day was like.

See you tomorrow….


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