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Today is Autism Awareness day.

This time last year I had never heard of Autism Awareness day/month. In fact all I knew of Autism was a few documentaries I had watched and a niggling feeling I was having about my eldest daughter. Little did I know that I would spend the whole of that summer Googling, reading blogs and talking on forums, all related to Autism.

My Eldest daughter has always been a quirky one and since about the age of 3 I had realized that she was very different to her peers. I also knew the behavior she was demonstrating was not of her character, therefore something was causing it. It was about this time last year that I first called the health visitor and asked for a developmental review, she was 4 years old at this point. This started our diagnostic journey, which has been a long one. In fact it still hasn’t finished. Our consultant has said she has enough information to diagnose now but would like us to sit a diagnostic test called a 3di, we are doing this on Friday.

But I don’t want to write about our diagnostic journey  this is Autism Awareness month, therefore I would like to try and make people aware of what Autism can be like, how it can be just like you and me, how it can be completely different, how it can be challenging  how it can be amazing. So I would like to introduce you to my daughter, Piper, she is 5 years old and about to be diagnosed with Autism. As part of Autism awareness month I am going to write about our day, every day in April.

Why? you may ask. To show you, to make you aware, to surprise you and to be honest with you. I hope that if you know very little about Autism that my words will help you discover it. Because by not knowing about Autism and those who have it you are missing out on something wonderful……

I will be using the tags #autismawareness and #daybyday if you would like to join in.



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