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Decorating the kids room!

We’ve decided to put the kids in together in one room. The eldest two that is. Piper and Charlie have up until now had their own rooms and this has always sat funny with me. I think they are missing out on something sharing a room and I worry they are lonely at night. Considering I co sleep with them as babies, Elena is still in bed with us, I’ve never really understood why I decided to put them in separate rooms. So there it is, room sharing.

I thought people might like to see my attempt at decorating and creating a fun and exciting bedroom for them both so I decided to blog it. So here we go…..

How I made a Jungle room!

This is how the room started out…….


A plain magnolia room with beige carpet. I wish I had a photo of it dressed up as my daughters room but for some reason I don’t. Please excuse the blindfolded rocking horse!!!!

So the first step was to paint the room green, so I set about with my brush every evening once the kids have gone to bed. It was all me to start with, my husband is rubbish at cutting in so that’s my job!!











After many nights either crouching down to reach the bottom or climbing up ladders to reach the top, the cutting in was down. Now for my hubby’s input, the rollering (also known as the easy bit!!)


My beautiful son enjoying the decorating. So now we have a lovely green room. Next I started to paint animals on the walls in Yellow and Dark Green. This took a long time as I have to do each colour separately (two coats) then wait for it to dry before I did the next colour. I did a monkey, a lion, an elephant and my favourite a giraffe!



Hubby meanwhile did some man type jobs such as lugging bunk bed pieces and mattresses up the stairs and putting them together, and putting some coat hooks up.




I on the other hand decided to save some money by dying my daughters previously pale pink curtains green. At first I was a little concerned when they came out a little patching but once they were hung it added to the effect. The had a sort of mottled look which fitted really well with the idea of a jungle canopy. I then Hung a while ball lampshade to represent the moon and bought my son some jungle bed clothes. Once it was all put together it looked pretty neat. What do you think?




Well the kids LOVE it! I hope you like it too and don’t think this is the most boring blog post you’ve ever read!


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Mama to 3 little monkeys and running my own business offering antenatal and postnatal services. Here are the random thoughts, strange theories and observations of life of a mama, business woman and loon!

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