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How twitter has upset me..

Maybe I am a naive and fragile soul, maybe I’m a soppy div, who knows? But recently I have become really disheartened with me dear old friend Twitter.

Being a mildly neurotic mum of three who works her but off 24 hours a day, as you can imagine I have very little time for socialising and depending on my day can find it very difficult. I’m a hider! If things aren’t good rather than tell people I hide, seem to have this strange belief that I must only be ecstatically happy when I’m around others?? But that’s my crazy brain, back to Twitter.

So knowing this about me you can know see why I LOVE Twitter. I am able to have a life, I can be funny, serious, topical and sociable all without leaving my house and organising babysitters. Since the birth of my third child it has been a lifeline!

Recently however I have started to see that nasty side of Twitter, not by people I follow just through retweets and seeing thing said to lovely people I follow. It makes me feel really sad. Some of the things I seen have been uncalled for and downright nasty. It makes me sad for society, how have we become so careless with how we treat each other? Then that got me thinking, have we?

I think the problem with social media as a whole is we don’t see real people when we scroll down our timelines, we see avatars, characters, scapegoats for our own problems and this is where the problem originates. I’m pretty sure that if some of these people where in a room with each other talking, then the things said on twitter would not be said aloud!

Take the last time you felt angry and annoyed by someone’s opinion (in real life) what did you say? Did you speak your mind? Did you smile and nod, then swear later? I’m pretty sure even if you did speak your mind, you used courtesy and polite language to voice your opinion. I bet you thought in your head something sharp and to the point to reply, you may have even called them a name or thought up an insult. But you don’t say it, you don’t because we are programmed as human beings to even when in disagreement to consider others feelings. Now imagine how that person with the differing opinion would feel/react if you were to say what you were thinking….

Well that’s social media! Speak first think later!

I am a very empathic person (not in a sci fi kinda way) I tend to put myself in others shoes a lot. I cry when I see bad things happen to others and often almost feel others pain. So you can imagine how I am on Twitter…

I see these arguments happening, insults being flung about and judgement being made and I want to scream. But being a soppy plonker I say nothing as I hate conflict. Instead I blog about it and hope I’m not alone…..

Do you feel the same?

Am I an over-sensitive twit? (be kind, I cry remember)

How does it make you feel when someone is unkind/judgemental about you on social media?



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Mama to 3 little monkeys and running my own business offering antenatal and postnatal services. Here are the random thoughts, strange theories and observations of life of a mama, business woman and loon!

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  1. Oh I am, I am, I am an oversensitive twit too!
    But the points you make are valid and extend to any communication in type, email, tweet, text message, anything that reduces us to ‘the point’, to sub 140 characters etc. We’re simply losing the art of conversation/communication. The nuances, the idiosyncrasies, the non-verbal elements are all stripped away in the written word leaving us in a position where we either think carefully, choosing our words wisely, or we throw out an ill thought out email/tweet that has the potential to hurt or offend.

    I absolutely relate to the empathic side of your personality, for the most part I see it as a gift but it can equally be an utter curse.
    Fortunately, my experience of twitter thus far has been predominantly positive. I’ve chosen to block people whose tweets bother me, that way I don’t have to see them – self preservation you see.

    Hope you find your own way through the maze.
    D x

    • Thanks for your comment, glad to hear you’re just like me 🙂 It’s nice to know empathy still exists.
      Completely agree with what you say about it extending to other communication types, its all quick responses and smiley faces now. I am a talker and love nothing more than a good conversation and I believe we are slowly losing the art 😦
      Will definitely have to have a go at blocking in the future I think.

      • I meant to mention, I am also a hider!
        People assume I am extrovert because I am bubbly, outgoing and love people, but to recharge I have to be on my own. And when things are tough I hide hide hide.

        Sorry that you have been upset by others on Twitter. I think blocking is only one option, the other … of course … is for us to speak up. To just tweet that it’s not really acceptable to be so quick to judge just because we’re not in a face to face.

      • I get the same thing, people often think I’m one of those stupidly bubbly and optimistic people but I just hide everything else for some reason. No idea why I do it, its just me.

        I agree, after hearing your comments I think next time I will say something and stand up for how I believe we should treat each other.


  2. Absolutely agree; too many people comment without thinking first. I’m not sure about how to deal with the bad side of twitter; at the moment I’m ignoring it because I think some people are looking for attention even if negative. I’ve noticed that when people respond to nasty tweets it can soon get out of hand and result in arguments. I hate it when it gets like, I get quite stressed, so I block. Deb


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