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My daughter, the new John Terry!

I had to share this little snippet into my daughter and how she made us all giggle at my nephews Christening this weekend.

As usual my daughter was struggling with the church service as most kids do. What my daughter struggles with most is why she is not involved. This is the case with pretty much every single thing that happens in her world. She struggles to see this from others perspective sometimes and likes to wade in and ask 1000 questions. I love her for it, she’s bright and inquisitive, although it can be a tad embarrassing at times. However this is not one of those times. We were in a lovely church, accepting of children and surrounded by family.

So we get to the bit where the parents/godparents all stand at the front and my daughter loudly announces “I want to be up there with all them” We did try and stop her but the vicar said it was ok. So up she went.

She amused the congregation with swishing of her skirt (which was tucked into her knickers at that point!) and lots of questions aimed at anyone up there who would listen. Then came the actual christening, there were some little steps near the font and my daughter wanted a closer look so up she went. It worth mentioning at this point that this wasn’t a private christening either, there were two other babies being christened at the same time. My daughter watched all three! We dubbed her the new John Terry! (for those who don’t understand Google ‘John Terry celebrates’)

Here is a picture of her doing her best John Terry impression and getting right in on the act! (she is the little girl you can see just to the right of the lady in white holding a leaflet)

Bless her, she will forever be in her cousins photo’s and I’m sure he’ll love her for it. And what did she do for an encore….

She spent the rest of the service going up and down the isles cleaning with a little fluffy toy. She cleaned the pews, the alter and most of the church, asking people to move if they were in her way!


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