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The MIL and the farm!

What a title hey! Probably not as interesting a post as the title would suggest. My mother in law doesn’t live on a farm, nor does she smell like a farm, we didn’t even leave her at a farm (though the thought did cross my mind) No, we went for a lovely day out with the MIL to the farm!

Shocker! Is this worth blogging about? Oh yes!

Now this isn’t your typical MIL blog, I actually quite like her. In fact I came up trumps in the MIL stakes. Nutty as a fruit cake mind but she’s a good’en ūüôā

It’s the fact that me and hubby seem to become like dating teenagers again when we’re with her.

I’ll be honest, things are tough at the moment. 3 kids, new baby, sleepless nights, plus other problems all together meaning me and hubby are a little distant from each other at the mo. No big rows or anything just very little time for each other, and it does worry me.

Well in flys SUPER MIL!!! One day in her company and we’re laughing, joking and flirting with each other again. but why?…..

Now this is possibly gonna sound a bit cruel but I really do think its because like teenagers we laugh at everything she does! Now I don’t mean this in a nasty way. We just both find her very funny, what can I say she’s an odd woman. She has her own little¬†oddity’s¬†and says the¬†funniest¬†of things sometimes. And me and hubby often find ourselves rolling our eyes or sniggering to each other. I really do think its that Idea of a shared joke that brings us together. Very much the way teenagers are towards their parents.

From her trying to follow us to the farm, holding everyone up doing about 25 mph and stopping for a good look around at every junction/roundabout to the comments about the small stream running through the farmlands

‘I’m supprised they’re allowed that’!!

‘Its not very safe is it’

and my favourite, an argument (friendly) with me about how the sea is much safer (than the small stream) and she’d rather the children fell in there!!!! Like I said Nutty as a fruit cake!

And¬†that’s¬†what it is, she makes us feel like teenagers. She likes to wade in and round up the kids, leaving little¬†responsibly¬†with us, she refers to US as the kids and spoils us rotten. Everything she says is so out of touch like she from another world! These little things help us to feel 15 again and our relationship follows suit.

The day at the farm was great and we followed it up with a¬†Chinese¬†and family movie night, all without a single row. And for the first time in a long time when we¬†dealt¬†with the chaos that is bedtime in our house, I felt a unity between us that I haven’t felt in a long time. Rather than the whole situation making my blood boil and me becoming increasingly annoyed with hubby. We teamed up on them and we won!

Do you ever find your relationships with people change when your around other?

Do you also have a batty MIL?

Is it better that my children fall in the sea than a small stream??


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Mama to 3 little monkeys and running my own business offering antenatal and postnatal services. Here are the random thoughts, strange theories and observations of life of a mama, business woman and loon!

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  1. When my husband is around his family he returns to being a teenager, but the sullen kind!


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