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family+business=hurt (honest post)

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So while scrolling through Facebook this evening (don’t judge me) I came across a post from my sisters company about an exciting new venture that appears to be launching in September. So your thinking, yeah.. and… bet your pleased….. ect.

Well I’m not! I’m fuming, I’m hurt, I’m upset, I’m a little confused to be honest!! I think you need some background to this…..

I not going to go into too much detail or mention any company names but here goes, a brief history of the past year.

Me and my sister have always been quite close, similar age, similar aged children and live within 5 mins of each other. However we are polar opposites when it comes to personality. We both run business, both too stubborn to work for anyone else I think.

Last year we were presented with a business opportunity by a third party which would bring our business’ together. A great venture.

Well over the past year a lot has changed. The venture has been full of problems from the get go, lots of delays from the third party and other unforeseeable problems.

Now a few months ago the whole thing came to a crunch and this is where it got interesting. I decided to pull out!

Now this is not a decision I took lightly. It was agonising, I wasn’t sure what it would mean for my sister, would it up her costs? would she be disappointed we wouldn’t be working together? it was all unknown. She was the first person I contacted as soon as the decision was made, I owed her that, she’s my sister.

My reasons for this…. an accumulation of a few. Unfortunately my business had finally become victim of the dreaded recession and finances were tight to say the least (not the time to be entering a new venture) This however was not the main reason.

It has recently become apparent to us that our daughter is a tad different to others her age see previous post. It has turned our world around, I’m not going to go into details about her as we are still awaiting a confirmed diagnosis, but it is pretty much clear that she is gonna need her mama more than ever now. She not ill, she’s perfectly well and happy but she’s gonna need some extra support. This was the final straw, this business venture was going to take me away from the home, away from my daughter. This is not what I wanted when I decided to become a mother. My daughter needed me and that was all I needed to know, so I pulled out.

Now what happened next was a shock to me. The third party pulled out! Still to this day I cannot think of any logical reason why, the venture would have worked with just my sisters business, it would of worked if we’d added another business, its didn’t make sense. They must of got cold feet and ended the venture.

So my sister blamed me. She decided I had done it on purpose! that I had lined up a better venture first (untrue) that I had planned this for months (also untrue). She was really nasty about it. her business partner wrote things on my Facebook, she didn’t stick up for me. she isolated me from a large number of social groups and refused to go places if I was there. Due to this I started to feel like it was my fault there was now a rift in the family. All while she knew full well what I was going through with my daughter, all while her very successful business was still flourishing.

Its gone on for a while now, with no improvement. I was starting to get a bit tired of it. I did nothing wrong. It was the third party that stopped the venture not me! I was a scapegoat.

So now you can see why the Facebook post has upset me. Its the same venture, the same third party! They have obviously been working hard to resolve whatever issue the third party had. Which is great except why have they continued to isolate and punish me for it. At a time when I needed her most.

I can honestly say, I do not understand. The hell that I have been going through over the past couple of months is over nothing. Why has she done this, she’s my sister, she’s supposed to love me, she’s supposed to care if I’m hurting.



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