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So as I sit here scrolling through various blogs and having a read, when I should be doing some housework! I can hear a shuffling and sounds of effort from beside me. As any other terrible distracted mother would do I ignored it! Then suddenly a loud THUMP followed by WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

I turn round to discover that my 22mth old son has been dragging a dining chair across the room to bring to the computer desk and has positioned it next to my chair, although he forgot to move himself from between the 2 chairs, hence the thump! 

“My baby boy” I pick him up onto my lap and cuddle and kiss him followed by lots of “oh my little pickle” and “poor little diddle” and other such mummy nonsense.

“Chair” he declares, wanting to sit on the chair next to me. Bless him, my little man. He just wants to do what mummy’s doing. So he sits on the chair and begins to scribble on a piece of paper with marker pens he has found on the desk! But do you know what, I don’t really care…

My son is a typical boy, clumsy, into everything, destructive and quite clingy but for some reason everything he does just makes me melt! It is a special kind of love I have for my son. I don’t love him any more than I do my daughters (they are my princess’) but there’s something different about the way I love him.

Some one once said to me..

“you love your daughters and fall in love with your sons”

This rings really true to me. He is my little dude. I can imagine my daughters growing up into strong independent women, but my boy. I want him to be my little man forever! The thought of a wife horrifys me! In fact I think I may get I LOVE MY MUMMY tattoo’d across his back, that’ll keep them away (only joking, don’t call social services)

So can anyone relate?

Do you love your children differently? (once again I don’t love him more than my daughters!)

Are your sons special? 

Am I going to be possibly the worst mother in law history has ever seen??


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Mama to 3 little monkeys and running my own business offering antenatal and postnatal services. Here are the random thoughts, strange theories and observations of life of a mama, business woman and loon!

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