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How many times have you sat reminiscing about times gone by with loved ones. Childhood memories of holidays, days out and simple family life and thought to yourself “wasn’t it great when we….”

And how that sentence would always be finished with a funny event, great activity or special time. Its rarely finished with a funny appliance, great wallpaper or special carpet is it??

Then why oh why, as mothers, are we so obsessed with what our houses look like??? I honestly could not tell you what colour our wallpaper was, whether our furniture matched or how often my mum did the washing up. Those memories just obviously were not important to me as a child. And this is something I have come to realise very recently and am reminding my self of on a daily basis.

Like most other people I know, my house is never as clean, organised or up to date as I ‘d like it to be. I often spent a whole day cleaning before someone came to visit or close doors to hide chaos. I have days where I’m in a complete tizz about the state of the place, stressing that we don’t have one of those new spangled homes that some of our friends do. Constantly striving to look (or appear) better. My mother has such an amazing home, clean, neat, organised and welcoming. I think to my self, “I must recreate this for my children”

Then my mother reminds me  “The house didn’t look like this while you were growing up”!!

“no?” I say “what did it look like?”

“exactly” she replies with a smile.

What I remember of my childhood was fun days, a year of summers, mud pies, tree houses and my mothers everlasting cuddles, she was never cross and always wanted to play. The perfect childhood in my eyes.

And of course my mother informs me that we had dodgy wallpaper, mismatched 2nd hand furniture and that she often had piles of washing to attend to. We didn’t have mod cons or brand new clothes, and she often got more than a bit cross with us. But some how I don’t remember this.

So for this reason I made a decision. To let this idea of the ideal home go and instead just create a home.

So I DON’T hoover, wash up or clean as often as I should. Our furniture is old and battered but serves a purpose, Our TV isn’t flat screen and we don’t own a laptop or MP3 player!! The carpet has stains and the gardens a mess…..

But I’ll tell you what we DO have and that’s FUN! We paint, play playdough, bake cakes, build dens, collect nature (and bugs) jump on our beds and dig in the mud. Our walls are cover in my children’s beautiful artwork (some of which is directly on the paintwork!) and our sofas bear the marks of many a family snuggle evening (milk stains, popcorn down the sides and blankets everywhere)

My house is a SHOW HOME. but what it shows is a family.


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Mama to 3 little monkeys and running my own business offering antenatal and postnatal services. Here are the random thoughts, strange theories and observations of life of a mama, business woman and loon!

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