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Last week I accompanied my eldest daughter on her first Nursery school trip. We went to Orford castle, starting the day at the harbour and walking up to the castle.

Not only was it a first school trip for us as mother and daughter, the day also had a lot of other firsts….

It was my first experience of my daughters life at Nursery school. Without going into details or using unnecessary labels, my daughter is different to her peers in many ways. She is a quirky little thing, this we know. But what stood out that day was just how different she is to the others. At this age I’m still unsure whether she is aware of her differences, to be honest I think not. However I surprised myself with how I felt watching her. Yes there were moments I felt sad for what her future may hold, but mostly I felt PROUD of what a strong, individual little person she is becoming. Unaware of what is going on around her, she manages to deal with the challenges she faces in her own way. Although different, she is by no means less than her peers. In the same way a hammer is no better a tool than a screwdriver. Yes there are jobs that the hammer will accomplish better than the screwdriver, there are also jobs which will suit the screwdriver more.

What I realised is simply that as a hammer, as long as I always remember that my daughter is a screwdriver and treat her as such, then we will be just fine.


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